Samsung's Transparent LCD Now Runs on Ambient Light

Samsung unveiled a new rendition of its beautiful and transparent 46-inch LCD at German expo CeBIT that uses astonishingly little energy. In fact, the high-tech glass runs on ambient light that hits its solar panels but still manages to offer 1920x1080 pixel resolution and ten finger touchscreen capability. [Techtree » 3/10/11 8:29pm 3/10/11 8:29pm

Windows Phone 7 Update Delayed, Again

Windows Phone 7 promised software updates earlier this year, including a Copy+Paste function and faster app switching. Now it looks like mid-March was too optimistic. Today Microsoft delayed the updates until late March. Ah, the waiting game. [All Things Digital] » 3/10/11 7:29pm 3/10/11 7:29pm